This is just a quick copy of the site from the morbid ASSTR.
There are many things that need to be updated as well as adding the missing years.

Y Lee   



The Beautiful town of aSSSville.

Welcome to soc.sexuality.spanking (SSS)!

Or rather, welcome to soc.sexuality.spanking's website.

Or actually the Summer/Short Story Contest (SSC) archive site.

SSS was created in May, 1997, though it owes its roots to the Usenet group alt.sex.spanking (ASS), from which it grew, and the even older Usenet group alt.sex.bondage, from which ASS broke off.  In December, 2012 both the website and the host for the moderating robot were shutdown.

This new site on ASSTR is to provide a permanent replacement for the SSC archives.  Although the SSS website had other sections they are not of current interest nor appropriate for this archive site so that they are not included.

In case you were not sure, I'll mention that the primary focus of this web site is SPANKING.  The stories are all concerned with that subject and some have sexual content.  Because this is the short story archive most of the stories are about five hundred words although there are a few that are longer.

As you can see from the beautiful drawing (thanks to Zprymantis) the group existed in the little town of aSSSville in hyperspace.

For those who which to see other stuff from the newsgroup, you can check out Google Group which still has the SSS posts (77447 topics) in its archives which is at groups.google.com/group/soc.sexuality.spanking/topics  There may be other newsgroup archives.

This site is fully compliant HTML so it should display for your correctly.

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